15 August 2017

The Barbie Look - sweater dress (Mattel 2016)


Accessories: journal, pencil, cell phone, sunglasses, coffee cup, purse, silver hoop earrings, doll stand
Specifications: Karl Lagerfeld facial sculpt, articulated
Outfit: grey sweater dress, dark grey leg warmers, dark grey panties, brown boots

On the Mattel Barbie website this doll has no name when sold separately. In the gift set "City Glamour" she is sold together with the Nighttime Glamour doll (who has no name when sold separately either) and is she called City Chic Style. Some people call her Happy Hipster (which is another Barbie if I'm not mistaken) or plain and simple Sweater Dress Barbie. This doll, whatever her name is, is Gorgeous with a capital G. I like everything about her: the hair-do, face, outfit and accessories. She looks elegant in a casual way. The purse is, unlike the plastic moulded ones, completely usable. The sunglasses have actual see through lenses. Her hair is soft and has a minimum amount of styling product in it: it stays in place, but doesn't feel like concrete. And, she has articulated arms and legs, she poses very nicely!


  1. Hey hey... look who's back on blogosphere!!! kisses, shasha

    1. Hello Shasha, thank you for dropping by, it's so nice to read you here :-). My collection is microscopic small in comparison to before, but I'm enjoying it very much! Big hugs and kisses back!