10 January 2018


While packing, I came across a couple of dolls that I haven't payed attention to for some time. My precious Lorifina dolls were regulars on my previous blog. They definitely deserve a post here as well.

The Lorifinas are showing outfits that I made a few years ago.

The first outfit was made especially for this doll. The top is crocheted, the shorts are made from vintage leather.

The next two dresses were made for my American Model Tonner dolls, which I don't own anymore. The clothes are a bit too big for Lorifina, so I put pins in the back.

My former American Model Tonner doll in the dress. This picture was taken with better lighting and shows the actual colour of the fabric.

Lorifina was made by Hasbro for a few years (2007-2011?).
The dolls are wigged and articulated and 50 cm or 20 inch tall.
The hat on the last photo is from Iplehouse.

4 January 2018

More characters and accessories for "Whitherville"

This blog year I'm totally focusing on my upcoming photo story "Whitherville". Every doll or prop I buy, every outfit I find or make, it will all be for the story. I really would like to publish the first episode in the first half of this year, so I'm doing what I can to make that happen.

The story itself is ready. It's edited, I divided the story in blog episodes and added descriptions of the photos I need to take to the text.

The first diorama, a living room, is in the making, but I need to make or find some more things to bring life to it, such as plants, lamps, decoration and so on. Unfortunately I only have limited time to spend on the diorama due to the move to our new home, so I've done some shopping for the characters.

A new addition to the Whitherville cast is Four from Divergent. I found him on sale on Amazon. He's articulated, I like his face, and he has real hair (yay!). In the story his name is Jack. He's a  freelance photographer for the newspaper "The Whitherville Daily".

Another newcomer is Tom Hiddleston. I put this head on a cheap body. The muscular body doesn't pose as well as I would like it to, but it will have to do. Meet detective Marc Van Steen, partner of detective Natalie McGovern:

"Don't mess with me buddy."

A comparison: the Daryl head on a tall narrow shoulders Coomodel body, the Tom head on a muscular normal body (brand unknown). I like the difference in height and build, it adds realism.
Detective Van Steen will wear this black suit, which is on the way.

Photo: Ebay (Motorsupermall)
For a photo story with many photo scenes obviously a lot of props are needed, so I search for bargains to avoid bankruptcy ;-) . This My Scene cabriolet is second hand and was a steal. It's in used condition but still looks very good! I really like this car, it has such nice details, and even the two coffee cups from the original set are still present.

The car key is removable, the car has two holders for coffee cups and there's a GPS system (partly visible behind the mirror).
On the way is a Viking head, which I love! It needs a body, but I'm waiting for the actual head to arrive to find a matching color. The character's name is Wayne. I think the tattoos on his head are awesome :-).

Photo: Ebay
Photo: Ebay

I also found this Made To Move cutie on sale on Amazon. Her character name is Siobhan.

I bought the blue Vespa from the same seller as the cabriolet. I just couldn't resist this bargain :-).
And last but not least: this miniature bible is for father Kyle Nolan, priest of Whitherville Church:

The 1/6 scale bible is readable.

I also gave the witch Bree a body transplant. She now has a Made To Move body for the time being, because witches need to be flexible! She wears fabulous shoes made by Monika Bawaj from Planeta Parczun. The shoes were a little Christmas gift I gave to myself ;-).

31 December 2017

My Scene dressing table

A couple of months ago I found this "My Scene Goes Hollywood" dressing table. Yesterday I finally put batteries in it to check if the light bulbs still work, and... tadaaa! One lightbulb has broken off, but I will replace that with a large bead. I put smiling Barbie in front of it so it's not visible :-).

The girls can leave the dressing room now to go on stage. Is it a New Year's Eve concert or a play? I don't know, but they're ready for it! ;-)


Have a fun New Year's Eve everyone!

14 December 2017

Ho ho ho!

We are in the process of moving out of our old place and into our new house (well, actually it's an old house, but a new home :-) ). I don't like packing, especially not my doll related stuff, but I do look forward to settling in! In the new home I have a small garden and a separate space for my dolls and to sew and craft, two things I don't have right now. I very much look forward to this!

With the move and Christmas and New Year coming up, I don't think I'll have time to make another post in 2017. Time flies so fast, I can't believe a new year is here again so soon! I wanted to make some party dresses for my dolls for a New Year's post, but unfortunately that won't happen. Maybe next year :-).

Coming up in early 2018:

A review of my latest action figure body (Coomodel tall body) and head (Tom Hiddleston) and progress on the planned doll story (new clothes for and styling of the characters, dioramas). I'm making a dress for Happy Family grandma right now, because she too will be a character in the story. She's so awesome! She does need decent shoes, so that's also on the 2018 list!

Hugs and early New Year's kisses!

To all of you a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year!

Also, lots of dolly and miniatures fun in 2018!

And, from the vinyl bunch:


9 December 2017

Head transplantation


A lot of doll owners do it all the time, but for me this was the first time I switched modern Barbie doll heads. I have to admit that I don't like doing it at all. I was really scared to break the neck joints or damage the heads! I went strictly by the book and heated the heads, but still... Brrr!

But it was necessary. My original Made To Move Billie's uneven eyes bugged me so much, I just had to do it.

The right eye is much bigger and is placed too far to the side of the head.

The new head is from Generation Girl Nichelle (1998), one of the dolls I found in the thrift store last week. There's a bit of a color difference between the head and the body, but it's acceptable.

Billie: "So this is how I will look when I'm older..."

I was very careful not to break the original body's neck joint. It stretched a bit and turned white under the knob, but it's still whole. I will use Billie in my photo story, but after it's finished Nichelle will be made all original again. The Made To Move body had a very long joint sticking out of the neck, so I had to cut off most of it to be able to fit Nichelle's smaller head on it. Somehow for me older Barbie dolls are kind of sacred, but newer ones are not.

Stretched but in one piece...

I'm really happy with the new Billie. Her hair is awesome and her face very pretty. I will keep the original head for repainting practice (some day...).

Billie is wearing a sweater that was included in the thrift store doll lot. After a wash it looked as good as new. The jeans and sneakers are from Made To Move Skateboarder Barbie.