15 March 2018

Hectic times

I just want to say hi, and that I'm sorry I don't have the time to visit all my favorite blogs and to comment on all the new posts. Things are very hectic at the moment. It feels like a thousand things need attention and a lot is happening all at once.

I simply don't have time for my own dolls either, but I do miss them a lot!

In a few weeks hopefully things will calm down.

I'll be back then with pictures of the giveaway items I won for the 1st anniversary of Dlubaniny Lalkowe's blog. You can see what I won here: a beautiful lounge set consisting of a chair, a pouf and a table. I love it! Thank you so much Dlubaniny :-). This set will be used in my doll story in one of the protagonists' apartment. This lovely set deserves a nice photo session, so I'll take pictures of it when I have time and space to do so properly.

I hope to catch up very soon with the latest posts of the blogs I follow :-).

7 March 2018

Natalia is cross with me ...

Natalia, who will play the role of detective Nat McGovern in my photo story, gives her opinion on the suit I bought for her. This suit is made for female action figures, not for fashion dolls, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. It's a very nice, well made suit, but unfortunately it doesn't fit very well. I'll use it anyway and will try to take pictures in a way that it doesn't show too much :-). I will not, however, torture Natalia by making her wear the shoes. They are gigantic for her!

Anyway, Natalia is not very pleased!

Natalia: "Dear readers, I'm modeling the suit that I will have to wear in Whitherville. It's my very first acting job and I'm nervous about that, but I'm even more nervous about this suit! The sleeves of the jacket and blouse are too short for my elegant, long arms. And look at the shoes!"

Me: "You won't have to wear the shoes Natalia..."

Natalia: "You bet I won't wear them! I can't! They are 5 sizes too big!"

Me: "Yes Natalia, the action figure girls have different proportions than you. You are a fashion doll..."

Natalia: "The pants are so wide, and short, I'll have to tighten my belt to keep them up."

Me: "I'll make sure that it doesn't show, okay?"

Natalia: "Hmmmpfff..."

Natalia: "You see, readers, how a starting actress has to suffer? Hey, but at least I still look gorgeous, right?"


P.S.: Tonight my internet connection will be disconnected until Friday, due to our move. I'll be back online as soon as possible :-).

3 March 2018

UHU magazine

Apart from dolls, I also collect old paper (photographs, magazines, letters, ...), mainly but not exclusively from the late 1800s to the 1950s.

Yesterday seven UHU magazines arrived with the mail. UHU was published between 1924 and 1934 in Berlin. I bought them especially for the covers, but found some pictures of dolls inside as well.

August 1928 cover.
In this issue there were two doll related pictures:

A factory where wax mannequins were produced.

French performer Mistinguett with her doll collection.

In another issue: this photo of a wax figure of Madame Tussaud herself :-).

January 1932 cover.
 And this is my favorite cover:

August 1932.

24 February 2018

Claire's new telephone

As I mentioned in this post, Kamelia sent me a vintage pencil sharpener in the form of an antique telephone, along with the jeans for Em. Claire, my CED doll, is thrilled and loves her new telephone!

"Hello, Kamelia? Hello? Thank you for sending me a telephone!"


Portrait Claire, 50 cm (ca. 19.5") tall, is made by Doug James (JDJ International).
This doll is based on the painting "Madame X" (1884) by John Singer Sargent.
She belongs to the CED doll line, which is retired unfortunately.

22 February 2018

Printemps doll (Sekiguchi, 1970s)

The Japanese Sekiguchi company is known for their famous Momoko fashion dolls and Monchhichi. In 1976 (according to not verified sources on internet) they produced the doll line "Printemps". Printemps dolls have a stuffed body and vinyl hands, feet and head. They all wear different outfits of high quality. Information on these dolls is scarce, so I don't know how many different models there were made, and for how long. There were two sizes available: 48 cm or 19 inch and 60 cm or 23 inch.

My doll is the small size. 

Printemps dolls have unusual eyes that are black (or dark blue, it's hard to tell for sure), but they are reflective and get a unique appearance when they catch the light. If you enhance the picture, you can see more details.

Printemps dolls have a bit of a macabre feel about them which I like very much. Little Apple dolls share the same aura and have strange eyes in common with their stuffed new friend.

"Here, an apple. It's for protection and is spiked with little sharp nails. Don't bite in it please."*

"Oh dear, I'm surrounded! Help!"

Follow this link to the Sekiguchi Printemps group on Flickr.

I also found these pictures of a brochure and one from the text on the wrist tag on Pinterest (sources unknown). A translation would be very much appreciated :-).

One of the reasons I love these dolls, apart from their intriguing eyes, is the fact that they remind me of Asian ball jointed dolls, first produced in 1999 by Volks. Several Printemps dolls were dressed in Lolita style outfits (yes, according to Wikipedia it was already a trend back then, although not called "Lolita" yet), still a popular clothing style for BJDs. So in a way they are the mothers (and fathers) of modern BJDs!

*The Little Apple dolls in the pictures are Creo and Pestis, twin sisters of which one once created, and the other one destroyed. They now are trapped in the Inbetween, a world between life and the hereafter, created by artist Ufuoma Urie, where all the Little Apple dolls exist. It's a strange world located in an orchard, where spiked apples protect the children against evil.

And with this cheerful story this entry has come to an end ;-D!

"Are they gone? Phew, they are!"