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Soyez "in" avec Cathie!

In 1967 a new doll was introduced on the French market by the company Bella: Cathie, a 44 cm tall girl with a sweet face, who had a fashionable wardrobe. The outfits had cool names such as "Juke-box", "Play-back" and "Drugstore". Each following year more outfits were added to her wardrobe. In 1969 some changes were made. Cathie's legs could bend from then on. The foam legs with an inner iron skeleton were covered by white stockings. In the same year another new feature was presented: a grow-hair system identical to the American fashion doll Crissy's. The size of the doll was 48 cm by then.

A while ago I found this Cathie in her box at a flea market. I could identify her as the version offered in the fall of 1969. She has bendable legs, but not a grow-hair system yet. She's wearing her original pink felt dress and black shoes.

Cathie didn't look like this when I bought her. I had to mend her stockings at the toes and glue the splits in her…

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