21 June 2018

About a horse and other things

A horse for my 16 inch dolls has been on my wish list for a very, very long time now. It seemed an impossible task to find one that had the right size, but after reading this post on the blog My Doll Adventure I finally knew what to look for. So, I ignored the fact that I don't have a doll budget right now and ordered a Thoroughbred Our Generation horse in Germany. It is on its way and should arrive any day now. I can't wait!

This is the horse I ordered:

Photo copyright Battat

There are some accessories included as well, but I think they will be too large of scale for 16 inch dolls, as they are made for 18 inch play dolls.

On another note: it seems that the less time I have for my dolls, the more ideas I get! My doll related to do list is getting longer and longer, but I'm so busy with other things that I can't execute any of my ideas. I'm still on a blog break (well, kind of), but as you noticed I absolutely want to keep the doll story going. Episode 8 is published, and now there are 7 episodes left. I managed to reduce the original 17 episodes to 15 by putting a few shorter episodes together. I can already give away that there will be a few cliffhangers. I'm not sure if I will be able to make a second "season" any time soon, but a good cliffhanger never hurts does it ;-).

Some things on my list are for instance sorting out my thrift store Barbies. They all need to be cleaned and their hair washed and styled. I have about 30 of such ladies waiting, so it will be a time consuming task! Another thing is re-making the flowery skirt and white top that I made for Peggy. I was lucky to find some more of the tulle with the flowers and plants on it, so I want to make an improved version. And then there are all the other ideas for doll clothes I have, from evening gowns to mini dresses.

I don't think, however, that I'll have the chance to get more doll time in July, so sewing will have to wait until maybe August or even September.

Anyway, I hope to be able to show some photos of the horse soon. I'm so exited about this!

And that's all for now :-).